Software Engineer /Architect/Developer and

Electrical Engineer


Daniel J. Rak - 440-241-1443


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Proven Track Record in these Key Technologies


·    Network Internet Security: TCP/IP, firewalls, symmetric-keys, system admin. security tasks


·    Design Patterns (i.e.: Mediator, Façade, Iterator, Transport, Connection, etc.)


·    Object Oriented architecture, design and code implementation of said architecture/design (OOA/D/P) on RTOS, UNIX (Solaris, HP-UX and AIX) and also Window NT/2000 platforms.


·    EPROM burning, including writing the code for device drivers for the SIO and PIO integrated circuits


·    Printed Circuit Board Design/QA/Manufacture


·    Device Driver software coding/debugging/testing in Assembly Language


·    Assembly language coding/debug/QA


·    Financial statistical analysis (i.e.: exponential moving averages, deviation, percent risk, volatility, etc.)


·    Client/server development (including development at the socket level)


·    Multi-platform development and deployment on UNIX, Windows and IBM mainframe platforms


·    Multi-process development with shared memory, callback functions and static members


·    Multi-threaded development with resource sharing/management


·    DLL development with API (Application Program Interface) to C++ programs


·    TCP/IP socket development


·    RDBMS database development with ODBC API to C++ programs


·    SQL programming for both Oracle (PL/SQL) and MS-SQL (stored procedures embedded usage & creation)


·    Development of several CASE/CAD/CAM tools (i.e.: RadicalRAD, Proto-Drafter/Proto-Scanner systems)


·    System Design, Documentation, Development, Programming, Testing and  Implementation


·    Customer Liaison for deduction of project specifications (i.e.: JAD sessions)


·    Binary static library management (both on UNIX and Windows)


·    UNIX/AIX System Administrator and UNIX scripting (i.e.: KSH, shell scripting, C

         programming, vi, awk, etc…)


·    OSAR experience (optical storage archival/retrieval). Developed on a FileNet system for the

         massive optical storage of State Department  (FL Department of Labor and Employment

         Security) documents which system used two OSARs each containing 144 optical



·    MS-SQL DBA (Database Administrator)


·    Windows Pro 2000 and Window NT System Administrator


·    Project Conceptualization/ Architecture Modeling/Design and Implementation/Deployment


·    Automated QA Test system via product specification determination, development &

     implementation efforts


·     Software/Hardware Upgrades


·     Code control management (clearcase/cleartools, and source safe)


·     Certificates, graphical architectural and/or code samples, see site:




  Available upon request


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