Sevice Award - State Dept., Florida Department of Labor



State Dept., Dept of Labor and Employment Security, 2728 Centerville, Tallahassee, FL 32399

     11/95  - 12/97  Systems Project Analyst     Supervisor: Will Hahn


Duties: Systems Project Analyst, UNIX System Administrator, UNIX to SNA HLLAPI programmer

        MS-SQL database Admin/Maintenance/Programmer, HTML CGI programmer, C/C++ analyst/programmer

        (above work is preformed in a Client-Server environment in a token-ring network)



Database Admin: Migrate the DB2 mainframe database to the MS-SQL database on the DEC/ALPHA.

                The database is about 2 Gigabytes in size. Responsible for all aspects of database

                maintenance and performance issues. HTML, IDC, HTX programmer to provide CGI

                connectivity to MS-SQL Server data to internet users.


Other tasks/assignments:



System Administrator  for both UNIX(AIX) RISC/6000 minicomputers, responsible

for backup & recover.


Responsible for the system-level setup, configuration & maintenance of the WWW

(Internet World Wide Web site).


Responsible for all aspects of system-level setup and maintenance of the SNA

Server on the RISC/6000-55L minicomputer. This SNA Server setup and

maintenance includes all aspects of minicomputer to mainframe connectivity,

including the HLLAPI programming responsibilities (see below).


Responsible for the OFFIS project, which is a document scanning and retrieval

system which takes graphic images stores these on the OSARs (Optical System

Achieve and Retrieval) units for processing by specialists in the Department

of Workersț Compensation.  See samples of  work: 1, 2, or 3.


One of my key roles is the HLLAPI (High-Level-Language-Application-Program-

Interface) programmer for the OFFIS project. This HLLAPI process is known

internally as the SoftLink and integrates the PCs, minicomputers and mainframe

into one massive single computer processing system. This HLLAPI process

communicates in a Windows 95/3.x/DOS, UNIX and MVS/TSO environment. The programs

I wrote to accomplish the tasks below where written in C, UNIX (AIX script),

JCL and TSO languages.


This HLLAPI process (see samples of work: 1, 2, or 3) is an unattended, totally

automatic, self-error-correcting, inter-processing system, which performs the following:


1) Listens for a trigger file (24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every minute on

   the minute) to be placed on the minicomputer by a PC via the network.


2) In response to said trigger, the HLLAPI process runs a JCL (Job-Control

   Language) program on the mainframe (in an MVS/TSO environment). The JCL

   program is used to extract data out of the DB2/VSAM files on the mainframe

   and builds flat files for downloading to the OFFIS project.


3) HLLAPI process polls the mainframe until it senses the completeness of JCL

   job and migrates the data up 20 generations on the mainframe.


4) HLLAPI process downloads the extracted data to the minicomputer

   (RISC/6000) and migrates the data up 20 generations on the minicomputer.


5) HLLAPI process then signals the PC that data is ready for importation.


6) PC processes the data by instructing the (RISC/6000) minicomputer to

   import the data.


7) PC notifies the HLLAPI process upon PCțs completion of its job.


8) HLLAPI process then migrates the data to be uploaded to the mainframe,

   up the generations, uploads said data to the mainframe.


9) HLLAPI process then runs the JCL on the mainframe to import the data into

   the DB2 tables, thus synchronizing the OFFIS system with the mainframe TDR



10) HLLAPI process then downloads the resultant report that the JCL produced.


11) HLLAPI process then extracts each specialists new assignments (for task

    completion by them) from a master report/list and e-mails each specialist

    their unique assignments. HLLAPI process further e-mails all supervisors

    the master report/list and the summary report generated by the OFFIS



    In all, there is about 40 associates throughout the state of Florida that

    this HLLAPI process e-mails their work to.



*) IF In any step a failure happens the Administrator is automatically

   notified by e-mail, in which the HLLAPI process clearly states the problem

   that occurred and its solution. It further logs exactly where the failure

   occurred. It is very strict about cleanup of any temp files created during

   the process.




State Dept., Dept of Labor and Employment Security, 2728 Centerville, Tallahassee, FL 32399

     02/95 - 11/95     Distributed Computer Systems Analyst  Supervisor: Will Hahn 850-488-3030 x159


 Duties: Computer Programmer/Systems Analyst

         Research & development of projects in and between MVS/TSO/ISPF,

         UNIX (AIX) & DOS environments. Specify computers and software for

         purchase. Migrate data (over 1/3 Gigabyte) & programs between

         Mainframe (MVS/TSO environment), RISC 6000 minicomputer (UNIX [AIX]

         environment) & microcomputers (PCS - DOS environment).


         Programmer/Liaison between Worker's Compensation Business Infor-

         mation Services & the Supercomputer Computation Research Institute

         (SCRI) at the Florida State University (FSU) for the development of

         a World Wide Web (WWW) for Internet access to Compliance data for

         fraud reduction. Date of completion: 08/31/95.


         Write programs that automate the migration/refresh of project above

         with new data. This takes place in an overnight batch process in the

         following steps: (1) The timer (crontab) in the minicomputer says

         its time to run the refresh process, (2) the RISC 6000 minicomputer

         tells the mainframe to convert Compliance VSAM data to EBCDIC-BCD

         format, (3) the RISC 6000 minicomputer downloads these EBCDIC-BCD

         files and converts these to flat ASCII files for direct importation

         into Oracle for the World Wide Web database, writing this data out

         to a 8mm 5.0 gigabyte magnetic tape for loading into the SCRI RISC

         6000 minicomputer, (4) SCRI imports the data into the WWW Oracle