Howard Systems International, Building Six Concourse Parkway, Ste 2140, Atlanta, GA 30328

Phone: 770-394-5700

Contracted out to: MCI Telecommunications Company, 3 Ravinia Drive, Atlanta GA 30346

MCI Supervisor: Doug Darke

1/98 - 7/98


Duties: Software Engineer/Programmer

Created/developed C++ non-visual template classes for accelerating development efforts.

Created high-speed fully automated testing tools to QA the internal business custom C software.

Enhanced/Debugged existing code base written in C, entera and which used IDL (interface definition language).

Found major software bugs (memory leaks), performed major program edits and substantially improved

system performance. Maintained code for transaction submission of orders via the internet, which orders

were electronically posted to the Oracle database.


UML Design:

POSIX Parameter Parsing Specifications

Usage Example